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LOCATION : Abrahams House Tochni

Villa Ref 


July 2004
Our house is at the top of a steep narrow lane wide enough for a car, with doorways to the houses coming directly from the street. Upon entering through the doorway we find ourselves in a courtyard probably about 4x7 metres and 2 of our flats are off this. These were originally the stables. The third flat is on top of this lot up a flight of stairs with its own private balcony over our roof. This 3rd room attaches to the main house where the owner lives most of the time, when he's not in Nicosia. Up on that level are the deck chairs and tables shaded by fruit trees, with a beautiful decent sized swimming pool in the middle. Fruits in season were apples, wild plums and figs. The grapes would be ripe a week or so after we came home. For other seasons there were oranges, lemons, almonds peaches and apricots. The vege garden had been temporarily sacrificed for a new driveway, made in the traditional way and very much in keeping with it's surroundings. There was a big bonus in have this construction happening while we were there. It meant the owner, Avraam, was living there and he was such a very nice man. He started adding a few extras to compensate for the inconvenience of the construction. Firstly there was the bottle of wine when we went down to the restaurant for dinner the 2nd night. Then I think he just enjoyed our company and took us out on his boat one morning, swimming, snorkeling and just seeing the sights from the sea. When we made fruit crumble from his orchard we would invite him for dessert, and we would often join him for his evening walks with his 2 dogs around the surrounding countryside. Jess would never have seen her 1st snake had she not come along. Being a very successful businessman for years, as planned, he retired at 40, and then after a few years rest decided he needed to be doing something, so now owns 20 houses that he rents out, mostly to people like us. Of course Abraham's House is his favorite as it was the house his father grew up in and probably his father before that, built in 1861.
Further to our conversation on Monday I am sending you this e mail as a formal complaint on our rented holiday home. On our arrival approx. 19.30pm we were greeted by the owner we were aware of dogs barking he said these are my dogs you can look after them but please don't feed them, and at this time he had not asked weather we minded the dogs or not. We were a little confused, but soon became aware that him and his dogs lived on site, I will state he did not tell us he did, he then showed us the accommodation left to us. There was no welcome pack in any of the three apartments, so myself and father-in-law had to go in search for milk tea and coffee. I will also state my youngest daughter who does love dogs animals, etc. was extremely distressed by the over playful manner of the youngest dog, and this was due to no prior waning by ourselves to her. before arrival. Please note that had any of us had any agilely towards dogs cats, etc. our accommodation would have been of no use to us and would have left us high and dry in a strange country looking for further accommodation and extremely out of pocket. On the following day my father-in-law and been severely bitten my some sort of insect and he found this extremely uncomfortable, only to be followed the next day by my mother-in-law being bitten in the same way. After stripping down the bedding only to find a very large flea on the mattress of which the mattress was showing many years of use and had holes in the top section My father-in-law confronted the owner with the problem and showed him the flea and was told it wasn't a flea it was a mosquito (we do the difference). He made no offer to resolve this matter by replacement of the mattress other than suggesting spraying.
I would like to point out that none of the mattress in any of the rooms had mattress protectors on them, also none of the rooms had mosquito nets or fly screens. This situation had to be tolerated for the entire stay. obviously we understand the insect sisturation in hot countries as we have been to a number and always go prepared, however in all our previous holidays in this type of climate including cyprus mattress covers and fly screens and mosquito nets have all been supplied. During the rest of our stay at this property a number of guest/work colleges of the owners let them self in walked around took pictures at there leisure and none of this had been asked for approval to us by the owner. We paid a lot of money for this property on the assumption that we had sole use of the entire house and grounds only to be confronted with the fact that the owner lived on site with his dogs and during the course of our stay would have countless friends/work colleges coming in at three will with no regard for our privacy, If we had wanted a holiday sharing  with other people then we  would have  paid for that at a considerable less cost then we did. (our privacy was violated will mention that since my wife and father-in-law confronted the owner he rudely ignored them in any future conversation. We have never had to pay for a service that we did, nt expect i.e. if we had paid for shared accommodation we would expect that, and if we paid for as stated the whole of Abraham's house and that's what we would expect with privacy that we expected when eating, relaxing, swimming, sun bathing and sleeping, I mentioned sleeping  because on the last night of staying the owner invited some friends of his to his home knowing full well we had an early flight the following morning, My in laws were disturbed The. the noise they made. The owner had requested that any complaints should be passed to him directly, but as by the rules given by yourself complaints are passed to the agent which we have done. I would assume that the owner would make the same suggestion to other tenants to save bad press. WE feel that the holiday stay we paid for was not what we paid for and our right violated. I would expect some form of compensation. I suggest that vetting of landlords is tighten up to save any misleading information and expectation.
We look forward to your urgent reply
The response:

There is not much I can say.It is obvious for me though, this person who compose this letter want to take revenge on me for some devious reason that only she or he knows. I am not very good in psychology and I am not going to play their games.

This letter is packed with lies and I don't want to waste any of my time analyzing it. However if they were suffering so much because of my presence or my dogs, they should say that to me, and I was ready to move in my house in Nicosia .

But knowing these people I am sure they would find something else to complain.

Susannah you must consider that statistically this is the first complain we have after 100 bookings.

I consider this complain as never happen, having the bud lack nowing the people who did it.
Best regards 

The response to the response

Hi Susannah, Thank you for your e-mail, this is the type of response we had from Avraam over the mattress problem. I am very sorry that he cant see the faults we noted or that his attitude towards an apology or compensation is not coming forth. I will however deal with this matter myself, You can copy this e-mail to him if you wish. I would like to thank you for your offer and we will be in touch very soon.
Many Thanks, 
We then had a problem with the owner staying in the house as well, We asked him to desist:

It probably sounds a bit mad booking the whole place for just 4 of us, but we just like our privacy, and want to enjoy a nice quiet peaceful few days.  So no big parties or anything like that .... I was going to say I am too old for all that, but I will stop there I think  ;-)

 Many thanks,
So as per Jayne's conversation with you yesterday it would be appropriate if you did not actually stay at the house.
 The other bookings that this applies to are as follows : 
ref 9** - M*****   W***** 3rd-10th July 04
ref 7** - D****  T******** 8th-15th Aug 04
ref 9** - D******* S*** 17th-31st Oct 04
Please confirm that this is ok.

The response:

You may inform all bookings for the fact that I stay {just me} in one of the apartments separate of their apartments, {the fourth apartment of the villa}and they still have privacy and a lot of space, all the area of the villa with the garden which is accessible by them and it is over than 1300sq meters. No one including me is allowed to use the pool or the garden without their permission. I don't have any objection if anyone of the renders doesn't accept this fact and wants you to find for him another property.

  And Lastly:

I would like to thank you for your co operation so far and I would like to inform you for the following:

I have decided to market my properties my self for the year 2006; therefore I would kindly like to ask you to remove from your web side all my properties.

We do not remove content. However if you wish to book this property it is no longer possible through us.


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